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Reparations For Black People

I believe that the increasing discussions of reparations for Black People is important.  It could have a big impact upon the depth of racism that we may have in our future. I recall talking with three high school classmates, asking them to look at a YouTube video on "White Fragility".   One of them clearly indicated to me that:  1.) I was accusing them of being racist and 2.) That my interest in racism related to the fact that my wife is Black, implying that they needn't have a significant interest in racism. White Americans (such as myself), presuming that they oppose racism) can commonly:  1.) ignore racism most of the time, 2.) try to oppose racism in various small ways, not ignoring it, but not having it impact upon their lives in major ways or 3.) become active in major ways, working to help end racism. Listening significantly to discussions about reparations may have a significant positive impact upon helping move White Americans further along a path towards b

No, It Wasn't Racism

An aunt of my daughter-in-law is a white woman who needs a cane to walk most of the time.    She parked her car at a store in a regular parking spot that was close to the store entrance.   A black woman driving by began berating her for not parking in a handicapped spot.    She indicated that people with handicaps such were unjustifiably favored in various ways.    Without any argument, the woman said multiple negative things to the aunt. A white man began strongly criticizing the black woman.    J’s aunt wasn’t happy at his intrusion, being very aware of the racial aspect of what was happening. It remains unclear why the original incident occurred.    J’s aunt tried to be understanding.    She also told me that when she is feeling good, and doesn’t need her cane, she always avoids using handicapped parking spots. No, the black woman was not “racist”.     She did act highly inappropriately.   (See: my recent writing:  Giving, Taking and Privilege )