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Charlene Carruthers' incredible book: Unapologetic: A Black, Queer, and Feminist Mandate for Radical Movements

Charlene Carruthers'   Unapologetic: A Black, Queer and Feminist Mandate for Radical Movements  is a brilliant, radical manisfesto for radical change in the U.S.!  Carruthers speaks clearly, speaking positively of many others who have influenced her positively.   While her concerns are primarily for Black people, and particularly for women, her ideas and examples are inclusive and recognizing the positive influences of a quite varied group of people including white men such as Saul Alinsky.   This book is a perfect complement to  Paul Tough's The Years That Matter the Most , a "liberal" (though radical) book from a het white male.   Both books make clear of the need for major change that won't happen incrementally. Charlene Carruthers  is a brilliant 33 year old woman who can easily make those of us who are "different"  - e.g. white, male, het, upper-middle class, older - uncomfortable.   It is a good discomfort, because we can't easily di

Racism on My Mind (I'm obviously a Weirdo)!

As an aging white man, the worlds of my past (at least) are very different from my current world! A classmate posts this picture of fellow high school classmates and their rock band from 1968.   To me - The Confederate Flag - immediately SCREAMS out to me.   To other classmates, the haircuts and clothes and more are what makes the picture fascinating.   When I show the picture to my (Black) wife, her reaction is similar to mine. Victories is what it is( Personal growth )….what it becomes will be because of a group of men helping to transform it…..I believe by addition….. Perhaps the addition is a weekend that directly “deals/heals” with diversity…..I know that MH put that out there a few months ago….. Translating - the man who is partly involved with equity/diversity, Victories is (solely) focused upon personal growth.    So, we nearly all white, het, upper-middle class men focus solely upon our personal growth and perhaps if we succeed in transforming it, it may