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Unlearning Our Racism

I am guilty as charged! I killed George Floyd!    I killed Rayshard Brooks! No, personally, I didn't crush the breath out of George Floyd.   No, I wasn't in Atlanta pointing my gun at Rayshard Brooks . But, a little part of me  still doesn't see how guilty I am.   This part of me protests that I was demonstrating Sunday with Palestinian/Arab People in Southwest Suburban Chicago as we chanted "Black Lives Matter".   I am speaking out on the issues.  I am involved! A man was sleeping in his car.   A policeman woke him up and told him that he shouldn't drive because of how drunk he was. Where is the crime?   He may have driven while drunk? Obviously he fought against the two policemen!   Obviously, they were angry that he resisted them.   Quite possibly he said much that was "not nice" to them. Why was he killed?   No doubt - the stealing of the taser - and the pointing of it - both angered and scared the policemen! Do we won

"American Exceptionalism" ?

Commonly in the United States we look for the "exceptional individual". Examples  of exceptional people might include: Martin Luther King, Jr.,  John Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln. Mahatma Ghandi, Albert Einstein, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Jimi Hendrix,  Clara Barton, Helen Keller. Often, the exceptional person is seen as the "exception to the rule".     Black People may be seen as generally not "very intelligent", but Henry Louis Gates, Jr. is somehow different from most Black People.   Katherine Johnson, the NASA computer wizard in "Hidden Figures", was was Black, Female and a computer wiz - an exception to the rules. A lot of people are "exceptional" because we do not nurture their efforts and because they break the stereotypes we have of them.   It is interesting that George Floyd has been made such a hero.   It is possible that he was drunk when he was arrested.   A part of a biography of him states: A blue-collar worke