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The Sum of US - by: Heather McGhee - a Great Book!

  THE SUM OF US: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together – by: Heather McGhee – is a very important read for those of us who care significantly about racism.   McGhee confronts repeatedly the myth that racism is a zero-sum game.   It is totally false that when Black People gain from ending racist practices, white people lose.      One example is how the drive for a $15/hour minimum wage among fast-food restaurant workers has helped white workers, as well as Black and Brown fellow employees.    McGhee notes how wealthy (mostly) white business owners play off white workers against BIPOC potential allies.   She clearly shows how both can win, when we unite in our efforts for justice. Some quotes are helpful. Referencing how state and local funding of college education has dramatically increased tuition and resulting student debt, As racialized as the politics of government spending has become, the victims of this new higher education austerity include the majori

My Tears of Rage are Not Enough

  Breathe slowly and deeply in Let your breath slowly come out Again twice more – Breathe Slowly and Deeply In And Then Out -       - - Is That last Breath A Part Of My Privilege ? - Can He or She Breathe? - My Tears of Rage Aren’t Enough - She Hears of the (latest) Killing It is – her Heart – Her Soul It is – her Son – Her Brother Deeply Within Her - It is Not A Shock Rather A Piercing Penetrating Killing More Of Her Essence - But I Must Do More More May Not Be Enough - I Must Listen And Move Ahead No More Excuses - More Killing Is More Than Wrong The Blood Is On My Hands - Will I do Enough? Too Much Is Not Enough - Now – Not Tomorrow Hearing the Fear Of the White Man Confronting That Fear - Peace is Elusive But Possible - Breathe Deeply Now