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Loving: Interracial Intimacy - an Interesting Book

  Sheryll Cashin’s – LOVING: Interracial Intimacy in American and the Threat to White Supremacy has some excellent parts, as well as some weaknesses.    It gives us an incredibly good introduction into the history of “whiteness” and slavery.     Cashing describes most clearly the plight of indentured (white) servants.   Her detailed description of how “whiteness” was created by the wealthy landowners of 17 th Century Virginia and surrounding territories is wonderful!      Cashin ably points out how classism and sexism intersected and continue to intersect with racism.    She is very clear in showing how the wealthy elites’ manipulation of the rest of white America has succeeded with white Americans.    The divisions from Black and other BIPOC people eliminates the likelihood of lessoning the power of the elites.    This hurts white people, while totally victimizing non-white Americans. Cashin also greatly humanizes Mildred and Richard Loving!    She clearly shows the hypocrisy of