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TILL - Highly Recommended!

  Yesterday morning I watched a silly raunchy, but good movie on our tv that had a “romantic ending”.    I cried briefly. Yesterday evening I cried a lot watching Till – an amazing movie! Till is likely to affect white people in three distinct ways, depending upon where they are coming from.    For the white person who is in total denial about racism, it will be a silly story, that they needlessly were put in front of; a clear mistake of choosing the wrong movie.    For others, it will be a “horrible incident”, an unjustifiable murder, similar to how they may have viewed the murder of George Floyd in 2020.   These people may believe that Mississippi was horrible in the 1950’s and 1960’s, but that Civil Rights laws and change from them have ended racism in the United States.   After all, can’t Black People eat in restaurants and stay in hotels nationwide well over 99% of the time. For those of us in the third group, we need to seriously work with the people in the second group