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WITNESSING WHITENESS - Third Edition - A Must Read for White People Who Care

  Witnessing Whiteness – Third Edition – A MUST Read – for White People – Who Care! Shelly Tochluk’s Third Edition of: Witnessing Whiteness: The Journey Into Racial Awareness And AntiRacist Action is an incredible, incredible book.   White people who care about ending racism should purchase a copy of this book, read it, and save it for its reference value. Note:   I must admit my bias here!    On August 14, 2022 – Shelly facilitated a great workshop that I co-produced – video link: . I’ve been a part of multiple trainings with her and members of AWARE-LA – her “home” group.   While it would be a stretch to say that we are friends, I greatly admire both her work, and her wonderful caring heart. This book is a primer for the