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"A White Guy Confronting Racism" - an Interesting Book!

  Jared Karol has a unique approach in motivating white people to become (more effective) anti-racism activists.      His satire, sarcasm, and bluntness will mesh well with some, and perhaps alienate a few. A White Guy Confronting Racism: An Invitation to Reflect and Act – pushes the reader to listen and seriously dig into one’s resistance to seeing systemic racism and taking it seriously. Personalized section introductions, followed by some of his Linked In writings – give the reader intense doses of   “poetry” – that is spat out and pushed at us. They need to educate themselves on the lived experiences of others.   They need to read.   And listen.   Be humble.   And courageous. They need to get over their fragility and privilege.   They need to step out of their comfort zone. And they need to act. White people need to relieve the emotional labor of Black people. Straight people need to relieve the emotional labor of gay people. Cis people need to relieve the emotiona

CRT - I Tried

  Dangers of CRT. Please educate yourself on the outcomes of pushing this ideology onto children. It will divide us.  I admit to being "prejudiced" as the only white person and only primarily "het" identified member of my family, but Developing a Positive White Identity, BUT not one that helps perpetuate a - racist U.S. is important. I would recommend  - for those who are interested - a lot of excellent authors and "teachers" - one I particularly appreciate is (Dr.) Shelly Tochluk - ) - her "home" group - see: ( ), the video (last hour is best) - of a workshop - I co-produced for white people - ( ), her best book - review - at: ( ) and/or - your choice of resources - this link has reviews - I've written at: (