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Dangers of CRT. Please educate yourself on the outcomes of pushing this ideology onto children. It will divide us.

 I admit to being "prejudiced" as the only white person and only primarily "het" identified member of my family, but Developing a Positive White Identity, BUT not one that helps perpetuate a - racist U.S. is important. I would recommend - for those who are interested - a lot of excellent authors and "teachers" - one I particularly appreciate is (Dr.) Shelly Tochluk - 🙁 - her "home" group - see: (, the video (last hour is best) - of a workshop - I co-produced for white people - (, her best book - review - at: ( and/or - your choice of resources - this link has reviews - I've written at: ( - NOTE: Omit the beginning/ending brackets) - Thanks! George - WLHS '1969 –

First off, thank you so much for the respectful reply even though you disagree with my statements.

I absolutely agree in not perpetuating a racist US.

Do you believe that anyone can be racist or only certain groups can?

Do you believe in being "anti-racist"?

I very much disagree with there being special teaching for white people. That is CRT in action and I oppose it in all forms. I don't believe anything should be written just for "white people" or "black people" or "BIPOC". By doing that it encourages division. I focus on the similarities between people, I don't focus on skin color.


I will refer you to writings I've done related to your questions. ( "A White Man's Perspective on Racism" and: ( - "Can Black People Be Racist" - I would note that my closest ally in my men's work - disagrees with - my conclusion - I'm not sure what you mean by "Special Teaching" - When I co-produce workshops - for white people or white men - ANYONE - is welcome to attend! Our "intended audience" - is different from who can attend. When my partner - who is Black and Queer Identified - Female - co-facilitates a group - for BIPOC - (people who aren't white) - it would be inappropriate for me to want to attend. My closed personal growth men's group is open only to men. If you were to organize a support group - for women - where you discussed (in part) your challenges with - male partners - it would be inappropriate for me to - demand to be admitted. IF - my Black Step-Son - didn't learn about "driving while Black" - at a young age - he might not be alive today. If you have a (presumably) white son old enough to drive- I doubt that you would need to teach them - how to behave - when a police officer pulled them over on a road - such as moving one's hands very, very slowly - when reaching for one's wallet in a pocket. I believe that an "honest" history should be taught in our schools. It should teach us BOTH positive and negative things that our country has done! It should encourage our children to ask questions, share feelings, discuss issues - such as related to: Native American History in the U.S., slavery, what was done to Japanese-American U.S. citizens who lived on the West Coast - but NOT to similar people who lived in the Midwest and East - during World War II. They should also be taught - how President Truman - desegregated the military. They should be taught how President Lyndon B Johnson - pushed for (cajoled) etc. - Civil Rights Legislation after President Kennedy was assassinated - heroic work - he "didn't have to do". I've experienced racism -one example see: ( Am I anti-racist? I think so. Am I racist? Yes, as I define racism, I would say that I am racist. IF you were to ask me - if You were racist, would I say: "Yes"? NEVER! I believe in "social emotional learning" - if it means - that children should learn to deal with their emotions in meaningful ways - including becoming responsible for their actions - related to their feelings. IF it is some further distortion of something - similar to how CRT - is abused by people who know little or nothing about what it really is. IF my 4 1/2 year old grand-daughter could understand CRT - during her elementary school days 2-4 years from now, I'd be amazed! How a child at age 7 - could understand graduate (university) level theory - and I repeat theory -so preciously -roughly 15-18 years ahead of her years, I'd think she was an incredible genius! While I think I understand a little about it, its complexities are beyond my knowledge. Books aren't the enemy! Hatred - intolerance - and abusing others - as well as doing things that can kill or maim others - is what I am strongly opposed to! West Lafayette - with all its dangers, is far, far safer - than Richmond, California -where I live! I hope your children - learn - to be caring, loving, tolerant people as they grow - and that already they are on a path towards that (if they are young)!


I disagree with so much of your writings.

So when I was in the military, with all black leadership, did I have "power" over them because of my skin color?

When you put in the title that something is for a specific racial group, that is what I'm referring to as "special teaching". So I guess it would be synonymous with your "intended audience".

I disagree with segregated workshops based off of race. I understand the necessity of segregated workshops based off of sex. That is a different topic.

I've had multiple discussions with my oldest son in the proper way to behave when confronted by a police officer.

How often do you think police are shooting black people just because they are black?

No offense, but I would prefer that someone who considers themselves racist to not teach my children or have any say in how my children are taught.

You are absolutely right in that a young child cannot properly comprehend CRT, which is why I oppose it's teachings in grade school. It leads to confusion, hatred, loathing, low self-esteem, discrimination.

I completely agree with your last statement about opposing hatred, intolerance (except when it comes to pedophilia, I will never tolerate this) and abusing others.

I will do my best on teaching them as Martin Luther King Jr. teaches. Thank you for your kind words at the end.


White:   68.7%

Black or African American alone, percent(a)


American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent(a)


Asian alone, percent(a)


Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone, percent(a)


Two or More Races, percent


Hispanic or Latino, percent(b)


White alone, not Hispanic or Latino, percent


#1 Best School District in Indiana – West Lafayette Community School Conversation

Privilege – YES!

I Tried – but there is a time to give up!


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