"A White Guy Confronting Racism" - an Interesting Book!

  Jared Karol has a unique approach in motivating white people to become (more effective) anti-racism activists.      His satire, sarcasm, and bluntness will mesh well with some, and perhaps alienate a few. A White Guy Confronting Racism: An Invitation to Reflect and Act – pushes the reader to listen and seriously dig into one’s resistance to seeing systemic racism and taking it seriously. Personalized section introductions, followed by some of his Linked In writings – give the reader intense doses of   “poetry” – that is spat out and pushed at us. They need to educate themselves on the lived experiences of others.   They need to read.   And listen.   Be humble.   And courageous. They need to get over their fragility and privilege.   They need to step out of their comfort zone. And they need to act. White people need to relieve the emotional labor of Black people. Straight people need to relieve the emotional labor of gay people. Cis people need to relieve the emotiona

CRT - I Tried

  Dangers of CRT. Please educate yourself on the outcomes of pushing this ideology onto children. It will divide us.  I admit to being "prejudiced" as the only white person and only primarily "het" identified member of my family, but Developing a Positive White Identity, BUT not one that helps perpetuate a - racist U.S. is important. I would recommend  - for those who are interested - a lot of excellent authors and "teachers" - one I particularly appreciate is (Dr.) Shelly Tochluk - ) - her "home" group - see: ( ), the video (last hour is best) - of a workshop - I co-produced for white people - ( ), her best book - review - at: ( ) and/or - your choice of resources - this link has reviews - I've written at: (

WITNESSING WHITENESS - Third Edition - A Must Read for White People Who Care

  Witnessing Whiteness – Third Edition – A MUST Read – for White People – Who Care! Shelly Tochluk’s Third Edition of: Witnessing Whiteness: The Journey Into Racial Awareness And AntiRacist Action is an incredible, incredible book.   White people who care about ending racism should purchase a copy of this book, read it, and save it for its reference value. Note:   I must admit my bias here!    On August 14, 2022 – Shelly facilitated a great workshop that I co-produced – video link: . I’ve been a part of multiple trainings with her and members of AWARE-LA – her “home” group.   While it would be a stretch to say that we are friends, I greatly admire both her work, and her wonderful caring heart. This book is a primer for the

TILL - Highly Recommended!

  Yesterday morning I watched a silly raunchy, but good movie on our tv that had a “romantic ending”.    I cried briefly. Yesterday evening I cried a lot watching Till – an amazing movie! Till is likely to affect white people in three distinct ways, depending upon where they are coming from.    For the white person who is in total denial about racism, it will be a silly story, that they needlessly were put in front of; a clear mistake of choosing the wrong movie.    For others, it will be a “horrible incident”, an unjustifiable murder, similar to how they may have viewed the murder of George Floyd in 2020.   These people may believe that Mississippi was horrible in the 1950’s and 1960’s, but that Civil Rights laws and change from them have ended racism in the United States.   After all, can’t Black People eat in restaurants and stay in hotels nationwide well over 99% of the time. For those of us in the third group, we need to seriously work with the people in the second group

Let George Do It!

  LET GEORGE DO IT! When I see the faces of many young women entering the Chicago abortion clinic early on Saturday mornings– looking like they probably didn’t sleep the preceding night and scared, I feel both: 1.   Angry – that they are treated like they are not doing an honorable, correct thing for themselves, and 2.   Sad – that so few of us – are actively supporting them. When I hear peers say to me: “George, I really admire what you are doing…”, I want to hear, “George, I really admire what you are doing.   Can you suggest how I could get involved in …” or “George, I really admire what you are doing.    Climate change is most important to me.   How can I kick in a few bucks or effectively reach my Congressperson to support…” When I am angered and saddened, I am motivated to try to do more. Far too many people I see around me may be affected by similar things, and react differently.    They may ridicule “the enemy”.    Their emotions may lead them to being scared

Witnessing Whiteness - a Must Reading for Caring White People

  It was a crowd of primarily Black spectators that first brought my racial being to consciousness.  I will never forget the pointing, laughter, and yells: “Look at the white girl!”  As a sophomore in high school in the mid-1980s, I was the different one for the first time, the minority within a group.  Eight Black girls and I competed to go to the California State track meet in the 400-meter race. (xi) So begins the Introduction of a most interesting book, Shelly Tochluk’s: Witnessing Whiteness: The Need to Talk About Race and How to Do It .  (Edition three is scheduled to come out in August, 2022, two months from now.) Tochluk is very direct, often with personal examples of the importance of white people focusing upon their own complicity in racism, and their need to proactively learn and become as active as possible at dismantling structural racism.  She talks clearly of how we live in multicultural settings, yet understand so little of the daily experiences of BIPOC.   The author f

Raise a Fist, Take a Knee - John Feinstein's Great Book on Racism and Men's Sports

RAISE A FIST , TAKE A KNEE : Race and the Illusion of Progress in Modern Sports – by: John Feinstein -   is a Must Read – for anyone interested in men and sports.   It is also an excellent read for others! If anyone has any doubts – about this book – watch a video about it – one – interview by Judy Woodruff from the PBS News Hour (9:11) – one example - . Quote: Jones ended up making two Olympic teams – the 2008 team and the 2012 team that went to London.   He had become the first African American to hold a world record in 2007 (note: men’s swimming) … (p.302) The night after George Floyd’s murder, Jones took his dog out for an evening walk.   He was staying at his brother’s house in Charlotte, North Carolina, because he and his wife were building their own house nearby. “I’d gone about a block when a police car went past me,” he said.   “All of a sudden, the car screeched to a stop.   The cop made a U-turn and came back to where I