Racism @ Jazz Fest

Racism Today @ Jazz Fest

I arrive at the main stage seating area, setting up for my wife B and myself.  I tell my neighbors that my wife will be arriving perhaps in 20 minutes, because I walked much faster to save us as good a space as we can get.  B arrives a few minutes later.  We are sitting in identical chairs 4 inches apart on our tarp with an umbrella partially covering me and completely covering B.  Food and water is by both of us.

About 90 minutes after my arrival, and 75 minutes after B has arrived, one of our neighbors, a middle aged white woman spoke over B to me, saying:

“When is your guest arriving?”

I replied telling her that this (B) is my wife.  She replied saying something like: “I must have been in my own world”.  No further conversation over the next 4 hours until now.

This is simple, non-vicious RACISM.  People of color are often invisible.  Though this woman meant no harm, B faces this subtle RACISM far too often!!!  It hurts!  No matter what B does , she is still a second class citizen.

She must “translate” a lot, helping white (usually) women feel at ease, as well as dealing with whatever issues they are dealing with in work, and other situations where people don’t know her.

I am a white male.  My life is much simpler as a “normal “ person (i.e. white).  Sexism also can intervene as a secondary issue, but racism is more common and more hurtful.

I try to speak out and am working on my racism. 

Thank you!


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