"Normalcy" - Helps Maintain White Supremacy

Yesterday I listened to a fellow white man - who cares - talking about his plans as he ages.    I've found him "stuck" in endless philosophizing about change,  going on and on and on with what he says.  He sort of makes sense, but he seems lost in the world of a getting older man, who "cares".  He seems living a life apart from the realities of "relationship" with causes (and quite possibly with another human).

"Relationship" seems important to me.   It doesn't mean being in a relationship.  It means a connection to a world beyond oneself.   Talking sometimes with people in their 50's and 60's, I see a big difference between the parents and non-parents.   The non-parents seem different.   They are not used to serious compromise in their lives.   They feel entitled to a basic "happiness", that doesn't rely upon considering others in significant ways.

The man talked about how he will have an inheritance he will fully bequeath to "the organization".   It is a largely a self-centered home for upper-middle class white folks who foo fully work towards change, tokenly dealing with racism and serious efforts for systemic change. 

The high school I attended is simply luxurious!    It has the latest technology, lots of space and a comfortable environment for students who attend either the best or second best high school in the state.    Recently, a large fundraising effort raised money for a new science wing in the school.    

Now, a classmate from the Class of 1957 has donated $250,000 to help the athletic program.   Our high school already has its second swimming pool (replacing the old pool), a large wrestling room, and more.

I wonder about the funding for the public schools of Indianapolis and Chicago, not West Lafayette.   I wonder about the funding of various causes in inner-city Oakland, rather than the "caring" world of Pachamama in San Francisco.

The rich getting richer goes along with the poor getting poorer.   Is it just coincidence that "our" money goes primarily to upper-middle class white people, where they live and grow.    How are the People of Color going to catch up?????


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