George Hrbek - Amazing White Ally - 06/27/31 - 02/19/23


George Hrbek — An Amazing Man I Was Lucky to Briefly Meet (on Zoom)

George Hrbek — 6/27/31–2/19/23

I’m deeply saddened to learn of the death of George Hrbek yesterday, February 19, 2023. I’m very glad that I moved forward to co-produce a workshop featuring him — November 15, 2022 — which is available to watch on YouTube at: .

One can also learn more of George’s amazing life at: and/or

Personally — I now need to modify my blog entry:

S O M E “ A N C E S T O R S”

Anne Braden

bell hooks

George Hrbek (very much alive)

James Baldwin

Howard Zinn

Shirley Chisholm

with deep sadness!

George, at 91, was a role model for me, and perhaps all of us! He spoke of Sexism being important,, along with Racism. He wanted to listen and learn from the younger people, including much, much younger than both he and I. He was gentle, but strong and assertive, also. He had a sense of humor.

He was so, so much — that words fail me in describing him! To work to ally Black and white churches in Selma, Alabama — from 1958–1961 was amazing — incredible, even! To then — become a friend and ally of Fred Hampton in Chicago in the years before he was murdered by the Chicago Police — with the FBI deeply involved — working on racism and worker’s rights set an huge positive example for all of us.

I, like most of us, had never heard of George Hrbek, until I got an invitation — to his (Zoom based) 91st Birthday Party — which was an invitation to get to know him a little. I reached out to his ally and friend Lynn Burnett — to try to plan a workshop — so we could hear his voice more deeply.

I’ve said enough! My tears are intense! I’m very sad! I feel lucky — to have been involved in a tiny snippet of his amazing life!


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