The Assassination of Fred Hampton - Jeffrey's Haas's Great Book


Jeffrey Haas’s: The Assassination of Fred Hampton: How The FBI and The Chicago Police MURDERED A BLACK PANTHER (Updated Edition) - is most appropriate today in 2023!  The lies that “ruled” for at least 13 years beginning in 1969 - with a major assassination were significantly concealed and relied upon the biases of white Americans.

Strangely, today we live in a world - most similar in significant ways.   In both cases the “bigger truth” - that was put forth was/is total deception intended to continue a Racist System that pushes to build and extend the power of wealthy white men.   “Strangely” - their desires - are selfishly intended to help themselves, not the needs and preferences of those who lack privilege, and power - often BIPOC.

Haas effectively shows how Fred Hampton was an amazing individual who cared about others.   He clearly would have become both an incredible leader of Black People working positively to build a non-racist, “fair” world, as well as an example of how to confront our major systemic issues, and effectively work on them.

The author, through methodically telling the story, exposes the depths of how individuals at different levels of local, state and nationally government tried to manipulate others, and succeeded for well over a decade at playing on fears of Black People, most particularly The Black Panthers, to coverup their murder of December 4, 1969.

The story is also the personal tale of Jeffrey Haas, persisting and growing into the amazing man that he is!

I hope that others will read this important story - understanding that regardless of what we (now) know, learning much more about Fred Hampton, his family, and many more wonderful people, is helpful for most of us.   I believe that this is an important part of a larger narrative of “The Patriarchy” and “Colonialism” - and much more that makes me and many of us question our country, while deeply caring about it.

In closing, I must “confess”- that I’m not an unbiased observer, being a close friend of Jeffrey Haas’s youngest son.


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