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Being a White Man

Being a white man at the Refounding Conference of the National Alliance Against Racism and Oppression (November 22-24, 2019 in Chicago) was most interesting and challenging.   I am not used to being in a setting where many people may believe that I am “irrelevant” or that my motives may be oppressive because I am white and male.    More than a few times mentioning my involvement in Organizing White Men for Collective Liberation (OWMCL)  brought doubtful looks and responses such as: “You’ve a really tough road ahead of you” (often with the implication that the listener wouldn’t believe my relevance, until s/he saw a LOT more visible results).     Never did I hear, “we’d like to work with you”, though one woman wanted us, when we get better organized, to meet with one of her groups as “white men”. Issues of racism, class, gender and other areas of oppression were significantly discussed by many Women of Color (and some men) in workshops and presentations.   It was very clear that

Matthew Curry's Excellent Insights on Racism

Matthew Curry  A Native American pastor to follow. Hide or report this YOUTUBE.COM Mark Charles - The spiritual price of the Doctrine of Discovery Mark Charles - The spiritual price of the Doctrine of Discovery ·        Marks views on race from a native American perspective are eye opening. Matthew Curry   Mark Charles talks about white Americans being traumatized by centuries of racism and its affects on their psyche causes them to exist in denial, or delusion about racism.   Matthew Curry  I think racism can be dealt with when the white people who consider themselves "not racist" start confronting racists and racism within their own families, circles of friends, and their communities headon. 1. By speaking up and out instead of remaining silent in order not to offend a family member... 2. Seek to reverse public policies that subtly promote, or defend racism, and classism like housing association charter agreement