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Let George Do It!

  LET GEORGE DO IT! When I see the faces of many young women entering the Chicago abortion clinic early on Saturday mornings– looking like they probably didn’t sleep the preceding night and scared, I feel both: 1.   Angry – that they are treated like they are not doing an honorable, correct thing for themselves, and 2.   Sad – that so few of us – are actively supporting them. When I hear peers say to me: “George, I really admire what you are doing…”, I want to hear, “George, I really admire what you are doing.   Can you suggest how I could get involved in …” or “George, I really admire what you are doing.    Climate change is most important to me.   How can I kick in a few bucks or effectively reach my Congressperson to support…” When I am angered and saddened, I am motivated to try to do more. Far too many people I see around me may be affected by similar things, and react differently.    They may ridicule “the enemy”.    Their emotions may lead them to being scared