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The Purpose of Power - Alicia Garza - Wow!

  THE PURPOSE OF POWER: How We Come Together When We Fall  Apart : - Alicia Garza's description of how one should build a movement, is an incredibly well written book!   She uses examples from her organizing work in Bayview Hunters Point (in San Francisco) and in her co-founding of Black Lives Matter in making very clear a lot about what one should and should not do.    Garza knows her history very well and explains things most clearly. Examples of her words include: By the early 1970s, two new trends were unfolding within the conservative movement : the new right (which included the Christian or religious right) and the neoconservatives ,,, They come together on things they can agree on in the interest of building and maintaining power.  This has been key to the right's success and key to its survival. ,,, The new right wanted to cast a wider net, beyond its base of southern segregationists and economic elites, in order to expand its reach and influence into more sectors of so

One White Man's Spirit

  White Men are Spirits Some seem static - perhaps stuck Some flowing with the windswept smoke - The Spirit of One White Man may intersect with Others Whether attacking Sharing Intersecting in Part Overlapping Spirit(s) then - Tis easy to sashay in place a Spirit at Peace No Need for Stirring of the Brew - or To Be in Battle with(in) Oneself Churning, Spiraling seemingly out of Control - Tis Much Harder to Struggle with the Demons The Trauma of One's Being - Tis Much Harder to Confront one's Soul Struggling Within Pushing Outward (trying to) Reach Beyond Towards The Spirit of Other White Men - Where one's Essence Challenges en masse Saying Do This! Do That! White Men Must - We Must You Must - The Spirit Then Meets Resistance  Apathy -  or Pushback - Tis More   from Within The "real" Spirit to See Within Individual White Men an Important Part  of: His/Their Heart - Speaking Connecting Within - and/or Speaking  to Multiple White Men Together Connecting - Individuall