John Lewis - a Giant

John Lewis's death is a very major loss for our country!

John Lewis's activist began when he was 17.    At age 23, he was the youngest keynote speaker at the historic March on Washington where MLK made his famous:  "I Have a Dream" speech.   In 1965 he led the protesters across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama.

Lewis's activism continued until his death, yesterday in Atlanta.   He battled pancreatic cancer which ravaged his body until the end.   He sent out his last political message on the day of his death.  

"You must be able and prepared to give until you cannot give any more" were poignant words about The Black Lives Matter.

Not all of us make ending racism our primary part of our life work.   I hope that more of us will make such work increasingly a more significant part of our work and sustain that work into the future.

The killing will not stop without us doing a lot more!   John Lewis was a giant in the work for all people, not just "his people".   His death is a great loss!

(July 26, 2020) - Watching John Lewis's funeral/memorial service in Selma brings a lot of tears.   I am very sad at his death.  

I am also sad at how so many do not hear the words of John Lewis and others, but rather hear hear words of resentment, anger and fear over how they feel that they are being s_r_w_d not getting what they deserve.

I have gotten a lot in my lifetime, while what I "earned" seems far less.   A lot of other people such as my wife and two of my children have had so much "robbed" from them so frequently, because they are "different", partly in being Black - the biggest part.

We must do a lot to help spread the words of people like John Lewis in so many ways, so someday true equality will exist.


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