My Tears of Rage are Not Enough


Breathe slowly and deeply in

Let your breath slowly come out

Again twice more –

Breathe Slowly and Deeply In

And Then Out

-      - -

Is That last Breath

A Part

Of My Privilege ?


Can He or She



My Tears of Rage

Aren’t Enough


She Hears of the (latest) Killing

It is – her Heart – Her Soul

It is – her Son – Her Brother

Deeply Within Her


It is Not

A Shock


A Piercing


Killing More

Of Her Essence



I Must Do More

More May Not

Be Enough


I Must Listen

And Move Ahead

No More Excuses


More Killing

Is More

Than Wrong

The Blood

Is On My Hands


Will I do Enough?

Too Much

Is Not Enough


Now – Not Tomorrow

Hearing the Fear

Of the White Man

Confronting That Fear


Peace is Elusive

But Possible


Breathe Deeply




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