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When I see the faces of many young women entering the Chicago abortion clinic early on Saturday mornings– looking like they probably didn’t sleep the preceding night and scared, I feel both:

1.  Angry – that they are treated like they are not doing an honorable, correct thing for themselves, and

2.  Sad – that so few of us – are actively supporting them.

When I hear peers say to me:

“George, I really admire what you are doing…”, I want to hear,

“George, I really admire what you are doing.  Can you suggest how I could get involved in …” or

“George, I really admire what you are doing.   Climate change is most important to me.  How can I kick in a few bucks or effectively reach my Congressperson to support…”

When I am angered and saddened, I am motivated to try to do more.

Far too many people I see around me may be affected by similar things, and react differently.   They may ridicule “the enemy”.   Their emotions may lead them to being scared they will say the wrong words, or do “the wrong thing.

A Grieving Mother - The Most Horrible Loss

Most, if not all, of us have traumas or other difficult things to work through about our lives.    52 weeks ago – and a few minutes more – I was severely traumatized, arriving on the pier near my home – just missing seeing a young man go under water, drowning in front of me.  Please see:  Sacred Space  and more significantly:  Lost in My Sadness.   (Crying significantly as I write now,) Today, I will try to honor his mother and her family and deal with my grief, attending a memorial mass in his honor.

Maria and George 8/21/2022

A week ago, August 14, 2022, I attended and helped facilitate: (Dr.) Shelly Tochluk (https://shellytochluk.com/ and: https://www.awarela.org/ - leading us in a Most Incredible Anti-Racism Workshop for white people – the YouTube link for – I will add HERE when it will become available for anyone choosing to watch it.  If you lack the capacity to take in the full 165 minutes of amazing wisdom of Shelly, please at least view the last hour of Q&A.

Shelly teaches us the importance of calling in (rather than calling out) others – recognizing their capacities for: hearing and taking in our messages.   She also makes clear the importance facing the pressures for “immediate action: of us being strategic,  patient, and when necessary, despite the pressures for “immediate action”.

I agree fully with what she says!  

I also feel that it is urgent that we “do better immediately”.

Women and some trans people lack the luxury of patience related to reproductive justice.   Waiting a few years – to have an abortion is not an option.

The 2022 elections are vitally important!    Defeating reactionary politicians in November, and at least moderately allowing a little breathing room for many is vitally necessary!

Read the important words of authors such as:

Shelly (spend the $32 for volume three if you can), Heather McGhee, Charlene Carruthers, John Feinstein

Or many more.

A year ago, I was amazed to hear a woman I met on the beach tell me how her 13 year old son was learning a lot about his white identity.  She told me that he was ashamed of his white privilege.   I was aghast a few minutes later, when she said something like:  “But, what can I, a 40’s white woman do…”  (implying that she had no potential power to work for substantive change.

I am particularly upset that most “woke” white men I know, seemingly may work on their personal privilege sharing with others, but continue to do almost nothing actively working for positive, systemic change.

There are many important issues!   Palestinian People – are important to me related to me being Jewish.  Believing that they are as important as we are, as Jews, is a simple concept.  Being horrified at the injustices they face, significantly because the U.S. Government – Biden, Trump, Obama, Bushes, etc. – all continuing and allowing the Apartheid to grow, is disgusting and hypocritical.

Others – have many more issues, that are also most significant!

Recently, I wrote a major writing:  White boy – Get Off your a$$

It is easiest to read it (slightly edited) separately (more slowly) through the sub-sections below:

Original – White boy – Get Off You’re a$$ - April 12, 2022 - https://www.georgemarx.org/2022/04/white-boy-get-off-your-a.html

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Men for Equity and Reproductive Justice:


Caring White Men Sharing Together:


My Personal Blog - https://www.georgemarx.org/

My Anti-Racism Blog - http://www.workingtowardsendingracism.org/

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My life – my journey, is a lifelong process.   Much of my life was limited significantly by depression and what I would call “under-achievement”.

Dialog is always welcome!   Contrasting views are always welcome!  Suggestions are always welcome!






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